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Going KETO? Need a Keto boost? Three Bridges Egg Bites are a great starter ingredient for an easy breakfast hack or even meal for a high protein breakfast.

High in Protein2 with minimal carbs or sugars, just pop a tray of Three Bridges Egg Bites into the microwave for 60 seconds, pair with your fave KETO ingredients or just eat right off the tray: Insta keto!

  • Lots of Protein!2
  • Not a lot of Sugar
  • Almost no Carbs
  • Gluten-Free
  • Antibiotic-Free Meats
  • rbST-Free Cheeses*

More Bang For Your Bite!

Living your best high-protein2 life? Three Bridges Egg Bites are a perfect start to any Keto meal. You can pair our egg bites with other high protein, low carb foods, to make a fully filling meal or grab one for a protein-heavy snack. Try one of our favorite keto recipes here.

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Everything Seasoned
Egg White Bites
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Kale & Spinach
Egg White Bites
Uncured Bacon
& Cheese
& Bell Pepper
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Uncured Ham & Gruyere Egg Bites
Uncured Ham & Gruyere
Egg White Bites

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