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The Better Bite

We all wish we could make a full breakfast of cheesy eggs and crispy bacon or country-style sausage, but in the real world, mornings are just hectic. Three Bridges Egg Bites are here to save the day! Enjoy your favorite breakfast flavors perfectly melded into one creamy egg bite.

Three Bridges offers a better breakfast with our baked egg bite recipe, a creamy bite on the inside with a golden and toasty topper. Some people sous vide egg bites but we find them not quite right–try our baked Three Bridges Egg Bites for your easy breakfast recipe.

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Three Bridges Egg Bites

& Bell Pepper
Made with Egg Whites
Uncured Bacon
& Cheese
Mushroom & Asiago
Egg Bites
Uncured Ham & Gruyere Egg Bites
Uncured Ham & Gruyere
Egg White Bites
Three Bridges Uncured Ham and Cheese Egg White Bite product image
Uncured Ham & Cheese
Egg White Bites

Why Do You Bite?

Why do you bite? Three Bridges Egg Bites are perfect for a speedy breakfast for your family, a filling protein boost before a workout, or even as a great hack for the Keto meal creator.

Check out our tips and tricks specific to why YOU eat Three Bridges Egg Bites.

  • Cooks in 60 seconds
  • Protein Power
  • Tasty Meal with less than 3g Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Fuel with less than 7g Carbs
  • Fast & Easy

How to Do the Bite Thang

Three Bridges Egg Bites are pretty perfect on their own for breakfast or whenever, but if you did want to try them in some fun and fascinating ways–we have you covered!

Click to see what great recipes you can make with your favorite Three Bridges Egg Bites.

Our Egg Bites are perfect for easy-to-use hacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

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